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Choosing Your Realtor


Choosing Your Realtor

Katie Rice
Nov 6 4 minutes read

With almost 11,000 agents in Northeast Florida it can be difficult finding one that is right for you. That’s why this week we wanted to delve into questions you should ask and things you should pay attention to when deciding with realtor is right for you.

Before you list:

  • Do you like and trust them?

    • When you have a listing appointment with an agent, do you mesh with them? Do you honestly feel that you can trust them with your home? Trust your gut and make sure you’re asking the right questions.

  • Ask for proof of verified sales with their name/team’s name

    • Yes I’m sure many of us have realtor friends, but you still want to make sure whoever is representing your house is doing what’s in your best interest. Ask them for some proof to the pudding, do they have sales that back up their words?

  • List to sales price ratio

    • This means the difference of price from when the home is first put on the market to what it is finally sold for. Does the agent’s record show homes sit for a while with frequent price drops or is it on the market for a shorter period of time? 

  • Can you get the job done?

    • If you have a time frame you are working with trying to get in or out of a home, let your realtor know. Are they able to get the job done within that time? Be honest with them.

    • If at any point you feel you are not receiving the promised plan and are unhappy, before signing any agreement make sure you are able to get out of the agreement with no fees. After all, you shouldn’t have to pay someone for the job they didn’t do.

How to Determine their Education and Skill

  • Signing a listing agreement

    • Do you know what you are signing? Have your realtor read your agreement to you and explain anything you might need clarification on. If they aren’t able to explain these things to you they will likely not be able to negotiate the best deal for you.

  • Are they communicating with you on your home?

    • You should be in frequent contact with your realtor. Are they sharing updates on your home such as any potential showings, if they open houses went well, what’s going on with the market and much more. You want to have an agent who is willing to give you all the feedback in the best interest of your home, even if that means having a tough conversation. 

After closing

  • Do they follow up with you?

    • Your relationship with your realtor should not end after the closing table. They should be following up with you to make sure the home you are in is what you were looking for. Are there any issues with the home you were not expecting? Check with your realtor and see what they say.

  • Would you refer them to people you know?

    • If  you’ve built a great relationship with your realtor, send them some business. One of the top ways realtors get business is through referrals and it can be tough for others to find someone they trust too. If you’ve found an agent that’s willing to put their money where their mouth is and has bent over backwards to help you, why not reward them? Word of mouth is powerful and it’s easy to just send them a name and number for some potential business.

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