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5 Tips for Downsizing and Decluttering

Katie Rice
Mar 1 2 minutes read

It's about that time for some spring cleaning and we've taken some inspiration from Marie Kondo's KonMarie method. Not familiar? Check out her special on Netflix.

1. Hone in on the benefits

When starting this process, it's important to remember the benefits of clearing out your space to allow all the new into your area. Without excessive physical things weighing you down, you'll feel more light in your space and not to mention mentally as well.


2. Focus on your needs, not wants

It can be tough deciding which things to toss, but there are a couple things that can help make it easier. Start with the oldest trick in the book, anything that hasn't had any use within the past year should probably be tossed. If that fails, ask yourself if the item still has a purpose in the home. 


3. Does it spark joy?

What is the ultimate purpose of keeping certain items? If it doesn't bring you joy you should toss it and make room for things that evoke positive feelings. If you're really stuck on a decision, try tossing a coin. You'll know what your gut feeling is while the coin is still in the air and you'll have your answer then.


4. Utilize creative, yet effective storage options

Organization doesn't have to be plain and boring. Find unique and creative ways to store or display decorations and room essentials. Not feeling super creative? Try getting some inspiration from Pinterest and then turn it into something completely your own.


5. Everything should have its place

Remember, at the end of the day everything should have its place. If an item doesn't have a designated space, then it just turns into clutter. And no, that doesn't mean just finding a place for all the mismatched items.


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